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This site is dedicated to the memory of Stacey Lynn Hazelton

Breaking News

December 2008: Fannings's Appeal Denied. James Arthur Fannings Jr., convicted of Stacey's murder in December of 2006, and sentenced to life imprisonment without eligibility for parole, recently brought an appeal of his conviction to the Bolivar County Circuit Court; Hon. Robert William Elliot presiding. A jury deliberated on the six issues he raised in his appeal and, on December 16, 2008, they found that no reversible errors had been committed and affirmed both the conviction and the sentencing of Mr. Fannings.

Mr. Fannings will remain in the custody of the Mississippi Department of Corrections (MDOC) to carry out the extent of his life sentence.



December 04, 2006: From The Bolivar Commercial website: "Fannings found guilty of murder. Family to continue search for daughter's body..."

The news article is included in its entirety on the page "Murder Investigation."

A Special Message for You

Hello, this is Stacey's mom.

I would like to thank everyone for everything that they have done, with sending letters, cards, emails, donations, and all the support we have received from family, friends, coworkers, and complete strangers.

We feel so lost without Stacey. It is so hard to do anything anymore. Losing a child is something you never should have to go through. You only want the best for your children. Now we can never hear her laugh, talk to her on the phone, give her a hug, tell her we love her, or worst of all see her again. We miss seeing her drive up in her blazer that she loved so much. We miss her so much it hurts every day, every moment. She was such a loving and full-of-life, young, beautiful girl, who would help anyone; and now she is gone. We can never finish filling her photo album with pictures; we now only have articles of what has horribly happened to her life, how she was taken from all of us by some predator that doesn't deserve to exist. We are thankful that we at least got justice for her. He can never hurt anyone again.

Help us keep up the support and thoughts of Stacey. She is never to be forgotten. Our search WILL continue until she is found and brought back home.

Natalie Hazelton

Breaking News

January 2008: Texas EquuSearch is still awaiting permission to perform a search in the area where Stacey is believed to be buried. Access has been denied for several months because the current owner is selling the land. That sale is now pending and should be completed within the next three months. The new owners have so far indicated that they would have no problem with a search effort, and Stacey's family is much heartened by this news. It has been a long and difficult wait for them. Texas EquuSearch is ready to mobilize the moment permission has been officially granted to do a controlled burn and detailed search of the area. Let's hope that happens soon. Please keep praying and showing your support to the family for the discovery and return of Stacey's body.


July 2007: Texas EquuSearch is hoping to travel again soon to Mississippi to search for Stacey. Their last endeavors met with no success, unfortunately. They are hoping to burn the brush in the area where Stacey's body is reported to be, so that their search is much easier. They will also be searching the Hushpuckena River for any evidence regarding Stacey's burial site.

The Bolivar County Sheriffs Department are working together with Texas EquuSearch and Stacey's parents to locate Stacey's remains.

Stacey's family would like to most sincerely thank Texas Equusearch and the Bolivar County Sheriffs Department for all their aid. The family's gratitude cannot be properly expressed with words, for the gift of this assistance transcends the usual. These organizations and the people affiliated with them are all angels. God bless you.

To learn more about Texas Equusearch, visit (
Please continue to show your support for Stacey's family during this coming ordeal via email or in the form of donations. The search for Stacey is very expensive and any help you can give toward that effort will be greatly appreciated.


A Celebration of Stacey's Life

Stacey's Murder Investigation

Even today, Stacey's parents, Natalie and Bruce Hazelton, characterize her as the best Christmas present they ever received. Their second of three children, Stacey is much beloved and missed terribly by her parents; her older brother, Chris; her younger sister, Amanda; and by all who knew her. A lovely and loving child, with a wonderful sense of humor, Stacey is remembered in stories from these and other devastated family members. By all accounts, Stacey was a smart, sweet girl, who believed in the innate goodness of everyone, whose only real fault was loving the wrong man; a man who allegedly shot her to death during an argument, then callously disposed of her body. The search for her body continues.

Donations and Contacts

Photo Album

Please Help! Stacey's family needs help with expenses. If you can, please contribute to the Stacey Hazelton Foundation. Some of the family's favorite photographs of Stacey can be viewed on this page.

Learn More About the Investigation

To view news articles reporting on Stacey's murder investigation, please visit the following newspaper websites, using a keyword search in their archives for "Stacey Hazelton," "James Arthur Fannings," or "Alligator, Mississippi." Please note that the Lancaster papers require a fee to view archived news stories. You may access other articles regarding Stacey's murder through any search engine on the Web, using these same keywords.

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